Show Dog Synergy

Syn-er-gy - two energies dynamically working together to bring out the show in your dog!

Frequently Ask Questions with Answers


Q: Can I pay my Services Invoice on-line?

A: Yes you can pay your Services Invoice on-line through our safe and secure on-line merchant services payment processing system.  In fact you can make payment on multiple Services Invoices at one time with a single credit card payment.  Just enter your credit card information along with the invoice numbers that you are wanting to pay.  On-line Payment


Q: How do I figure Points when my dog wins its Class, goes Best of Breed, etc.?

A: See point calculation information from  Onofrio


Q: How do I become a Professional Handler?

A: Becoming a Professional Dog Handler is usually an interest, or perhaps a passion, which becomes a career and develops on the job.   It is one of the unusual professions that initially requires a unique innate ability combined with a very strong desire to achieve a goal and an unwavering commitment to succeed in accomplishment of that goal.   These factors combined with a strong willingness to seek-out and learn along with loosing your fear of failure through continuous honing of your new found skills, on-the-job development, remembering that "you never know it all" and an understanding that professional handling is a lot more work than just showing a dog in the ring; can "help" make you a professional handler.   Last but not least (as is with many professions) is realizing the fact that there is no secret single solution to becoming a Professional Handler.   Like all professions the key is dedication and hard work.   Read more


Q: Can I show my own dog or should I show my own dog?

A: The simple answer is yes any one "can" show their own dog.   The more complex answer is "should" you show your own dog.   Showing a dog effectively takes both a bit of knowledge and then a unique skill set which is developed over time and kept to perfection with continuous effort.  The real answer here is contained within your dog showing objectives.   If you find enjoyment in showing your dog then you should show your dog.  If your objectives go beyond just the simple pleasure of showing your dog, then you should put together a dog showing plan and consider how you will accomplish the goals and objectives underlying that plan.   Hiring a professional handler may be the right approach, but only if it cost effectively meets your plan's goals and objectives.   Deciding if you have the time and skills to meet your plan's goals and objectives combined with a true assessment of your real costs to show your dog is key to whether you should show your own dog.   You may want to consider taking some handling classes from a professional handler which could help you meet both your dog showing objectives and your budget.   Additionally some professional handlers offer ring side coaching assistance services.  Finding the right approach to meet your dog showing objectives should be the key of your focus when making the decision whether to show your own dog or not.   The "right approach" might be a combination of showing your own dog some times and at other times having a professional show your dog.


Q:  What type of pet and breed of pet is best for me?

A:  In order to effectively answer his question it should be divided in to two parts.  First you should ask your self what do you want or expect from a pet.   Once you have answered this part of the question you should then ask what each type of pet would expect from you.  Every type of pet and  pet breed has its own unique characteristics which can help answer both parts of this question.  However just knowing about a pet type or breed within that type does not provide a complete answer in identifying the right pet for you.  Remember that every animal has its own unique behavioral characteristics and personality regardless of what pet type or breed within that type you select.   A show dog can be an excellent pet and companion, but the challenge is remembering to answer the first part of the question and that "what is cute at home could be disastrous in the show ring".   Training yourself and your pet in alignment with what you want and what your pet expects will prove to be the foundation for a perfect long term relationship.  See more information about pets and breeds at  Animal Planet    Dog Training    Purina Pet Info