Schuylar Moore
SDS All-Breed Handler
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
—— Eleanor Roosevelt

Having a dream is just the first step. The challenge becomes converting that dream into a reality. This requires the establishment of goals and objectives, a plan to achieve those goals and objectives, and the desire as well as the aspiration to commit one’s self to the hard work of accomplishing that dream. This life reality has been entirely true for Schuylar Moore, COO and lead handler of Show Dog Synergy.

Beginning in early 2004 after watching some of the televised Eukanuba Invitational and Westminster Kennel Club dog shows, Schuylar’s interest was captured with the thought and dream of pursuing a career as an All-Breed professional handler.

Pursuing his new endeavor, he spent much of his time attaining information and educating himself on dog showing by researching on-line resources, reading books and occasionally making trips with his family to local dog shows. At the shows he observed the different characteristics and presentation standards unique to each of the dog breeds along with the individual handling styles and techniques used by the various professional handlers.

In December 2006 at a local show, Schuylar had the opportunity to meet and discuss dog showing with a judge, who encouraged him to not only handle his favorite breed, but also to get involved with the AKC Junior Showmanship program.

While competing for a total of fifteen months in the junior program and with limited showing; Schuylar still finished with a fairly impressive juniors career. Notable accomplishments included; multiple Best Junior Handler Specialty wins, 2008 Eukanuba Invitational and Westminster junior competitor, and Best Junior Handler at his first National Specialty. In addition to competing in the juniors program, Schuylar also competed in the breed ring accomplishing several group wins with various breeds. Schuylar finished his junior’s career in December 2008 with a total of nineteen Best Junior Handler Awards along with being the Number One Beagle Junior Handler and Top Five Hound Junior Handler in the nation.

As with any sport, it takes a lot of practice and patience, as well as a personal commitment to acquire the right education, perfect one’s skills and hone your inherent talents. Having learned and acquired valuable fundamentals from competing in juniors; Schuylar was also mentored by and worked with several Professional Handlers in the business, including notable handler’s Brian Livingston of Texas and Clint Livingston of Colorado.

In January of 2010 Schuylar and his family independently established Show Dog Synergy, L.L.C. Within the first year of business Schuylar achieved some top rankings on multiple client dogs and also acquired his first Best In Show Award at the age of nineteen.

Along with his family’s support, his education in business administration and customer relations, and mentoring from his parents in business ownership; Schuylar continues to build and enhance Show Dog Synergy with his family while working to advance the paradigm shifts within the dog showing business.

While there are no classes in life for beginners, nor degrees offered in dog handling; there is always a way to succeed if one elects to take on the difficult challenge of seeking knowledge, adapting and applying past experiences, along with staying committed to continuously improving one’s self through introspection.

“That is why you must always be confident in your talents, continually strive to better your skills, observe your lessons learned, and acknowledge the need to improve all aspects of your professional and personal life” says Schuylar.

"The master of the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his education and his recreation, his passion and his dedication. He hardly knows which is which; he simply pursues his vision of excellence in whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working, or playing. To him, he is always doing both".
—— Unknown Author

For Schuylar, Show Dog Synergy is not just work but a philosophy by which he lives his life.

Schuylar Moore

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Show Dog Synergy Support Services

2009 Eukanuba Sporting Group Competition
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2013 Westminster - Herding - Border Collie Breed
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